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This site is dedicated to providing in-depth analysis & research on the IPO market with one goal in mind: to assist you in making(and saving) money in the market. Here you will find:

  • Analysis in detail of every single IPO from a trading perspective before they open

  • Preview of upcoming offerings for those seeking allocations

  • Interactive forum filled daily with comments from professional traders as well as my trading diary and position updates in real-time

  • Who Am I?

    My name is Bill Simpson and I've been trading for a living since the late '90's. Specifically I focus on initial public offerings in the aftermarket and have been fortunate to book profits every year since 1999. I trade ipos to eat, it is my job. In 2012 I was fortunate to book a 70% gain focusing 100% on recent ipos, in 2011 40%. All trades/positions were updated on the subscriber forum throughout the year as well.

    We have a number of subscribers that have been with for 5+ years now for one reason: This site helps them make money in the market.

    My strength is analyzing upcoming offerings with a focus on determining & estimating potential market fair value before an ipo opens for trading. I've literally spent a large portion of my waking hours the past decade analyzing, trading and/or tracking over 1000 initial public offerings. I've been fortunate to have found my niche in the market and created this site to share my knowledge and experience with others.

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    "The thought would never occur to me to buy an ipo
    without your analysis first"

    -Beverly Bonniksen

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