My name is Bill Simpson I've been trading for a living since the late '90's. Specifically I focus on ipo's in the aftermarket and have averaged over a 45% annual return from 2000-2005, never having an annual return lower than 30%. My strength is analyzing upcoming offerings, determining/estimating potential market fair value before an offering opens for trading. Having put in well over 1/2 a decade analyzing/trading 1000's of offerings I'm branching out with this endeavor. Originally from Harrisburg, PA I currently reside in Denver, CO.


I started trading seven years ago and was completely biggest mistake was being misled by newsletters which were basically frontrunners...and then I found you and a few friends of yours posting on the internet about trading IPO s. I immediately started reading and following you ...and it was hard because you were loathe to trade the "junk" everyone was in love with but I learned to value that discipline. I made a few trades with your entries and earned some money. I kept learning from you many patterns and typical moves and have never left you as a mentor. The thought would never occur to me to buy an ipo without your analysis first. You are a person of enormous integrity and clear-headed logic. You know how to break down the numbers and do a thorough analysis of a company's financials and future prospects. Your painstaking research in really excellent. Thank you so much for helping me trade ipos well and for your consistently excellent advice regarding new offerings.

Beverly Bonniksen ...Eugene, Oregon

I've known Bill Simpson since the late 90's and it's truly been my privilege to be considered one of his online friends. Over the years, I've been impressed by the consistent dedication he puts into his in-depth analysis of new issues, whether it be poring over filings, comparing with other companies in the same sector or just going over financial statements with a fine-tooth comb. Simply put, Bill's just the best that there is when it comes to research and analysis of new issues from a down-to-earth and practical trading perspective!

Generally speaking, traders as a group instinctively recognize and gravitate towards whomever they feel has that certain je ne sais quoi. Well, Bill's been around on SI and RB through the rah-rah dot com days and the doom and gloom tech crash era and he's consistently won the respect of his fellow traders for (1) the thoroughness of his analysis and (2) his trading prowess in terms of discipline and controlled risk management when it comes to entries and exits on his favorite picks.

Personally, trading with Bill over the last six years, I've been very impressed by his compassion and willingness to help others, too. Whether it be via real-time postings on a message board, PM (private messaging) or email, Bill's been quick and generous to respond with the same great insight and analysis.

Great site you have here, Bill! I'm sure it will be a great success!

Best regards,


Bill Simpson has a rare and unique talent for analyzing upcoming issues in the IPO sector. His conclusions offer in depth information and are far superior to the so called professional analysts. His track record for the past five years has been extremely accurate and his consistent record speaks for itself. By concentrating on the IPO sector, he also has acquired the ability to trade in and out of individual IPO equities to maximize profits as well as minimize losses. Without a doubt his efforts on several stock boards over the years have helped many people to profit in this highly specialized niche.


I have been a reader of Bill and his thoughts on new issues coming to market for more than six years now. He leaves no stoned unturned in his analysis. His assessment of the value of these companies coming public both from a macro and micro standpoint is usually spot on. He also has a very good feel for how these stocks trade. His insight is priceless in this investment niche.



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